Drastic action

Hi y’all,

I’m talking about taking drastic action over at Writers Gone Wild today. As in cutting the entire last third of a manuscript I’m currently revising and re-outlining it.

And if you think that’s hard–and it was!–then how about adding to the pain by having to cut scenes your editor has indicated she really liked? *shudder*

I’m telling you straight: it’s a heckuva lot easier to write a whole new story than it is to take an experimental manuscript written a few years back and revise it to fit an entirely new genre. If I didn’t love the characters and the premise so much, and my editor didn’t believe I could do it and believe in the story…..

Anyway, for the full deal on what I’ve done and why, check out When You Can’t See The Wood For The Trees over at Writers Gone Wild.



(Note: for those of you who were LISTees, this is Joseph and Liliana’s story. So yeah, I think it’s worth the effort, and I know some of you who wanted to take Joseph home and ‘educate’ him will, too *VBG*)

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