Why didn’t that quite do it for me?

Just doing my usual Sunday morning thing…. Well, not quite my usual Sunday morning thing, cuz that involves lying in bed reading a good book, and frankly, I’m just not enjoying the current book so much at the mo. It’s a bit of a chore. And considering hubby’s watch alarm went off at 6am – again! – cuz he forgot to reset it from Friday – again! – I was up at 7.15am. On a Sunday. Doing my next favorite thing, which is Tweeting and Facebooking and checking out my fave blogs.

Anyway. Just visited EditTorrent www.edittorrent.com and checked out the latest posts. Good stuff, of course – it always is :-). Theresa’s blogging about “What Not To Do” after reading a book that’s gonna be relegated to File 13 (AKA the trash can). Ulp! Sure gonna be re-reading the current wip with those in mind.

Alicia’s blogging about “More Themes”, specifically, Thesis, Antithesis and Synthethis. She used one of our fave TV programs, Mad Men, to identify a common thematic progression, namely Don hiding his past. Powerful stuff!

Of course, whenever Mad Men is involved, I have to discuss it with hubby. Who, by the way, is sitting in bed working on his laptop and has just finished the breakfast and coffee I brought up. Happy morning after Valentine’s Day, hon! And our discussion evolved into a discussion about why the movie we watched last night “27 Dresses” didn’t quite do it for us.

If you haven’t seen the movie, briefly, it’s about a woman who does everything for everyone else. All. The. Time. She’s been a bridesmaid 27 times….and she still has all the dresses stuffed into the closet of her NY loft apartment. She organises everyone’s weddings. She’s PA for her boss, a paragon of a man who’s simply too good to be real, and she’s had the major hots for him since, like, forever. Everyone knows this….except the boss. No surprises there. Sister turns up and comes to stay. It’s the usual, sister is gorgeous, successful & has everything, scenario. And sister takes one look at boss and whammo! They’re an item. They get engaged. They ask the heroine to organise their wedding. She’s pissed her sister is lying every which way to her boss, trying to make out she’s a vegetarian who likes dogs and sports etc. Enough said.

So why doesn’t it quite work? Well, there’s a scene right near the end, which could have been really powerful, but for some reason, the writers balked. Or perhaps cut the scene. Who knows. Our heroine has just shown her boss what his fiancee is really like i.e. she not-so-subtly assassinated her character via video at the engagement party. Next morning, the two sisters are forced to meet and sort out their differences. There’s the whole “but you’re beautiful and you have everything” and the whole “but you don’t understand what it’s really like for me, I got fired and dumped and I just wanted a man who’d be nice to me, poor me” sorta angle. And they walk away with a new understanding of each other.

Nice enough scene. But where was the crucial bit? The bit where the heroine says to her sister, “I’ve been crushing on my boss, like, forever! And you waltzed in and took him!” And the sister says, “But you never told me you loved him!” And she says, “You should have known!” or “Why bother? You’d have taken him away from me anyway!” And the sister says, “I wouldn’t! And it sucks you’d believe that about me.” Yanno the kind of thing I mean. The rehashing of the past, the screaming and the yelling, the stuff which makes it real! So for us, the scene didn’t quite do it. Shame. Coz after a bit of a slow start, it did have its moments. Especially the whole heroine getting married – and not to the drippy boss, thank goodness – and having all 27 friends she’d been bridesmaid for, as her attendants…dressed in her bridesmaid dresses. Nice touch!

So that discussion brought me to the latest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Neither of us like it that much. And now we’ve figured out why. Bond was out for revenge. So was the woman – can’t call her a heroine, because they didn’t get together, did they? And although I appreciate the new sexy and ruthless Bond, and went “Yes!” when he left the bad-dude out in the desert with a can of oil to drink, the plot was off. Which meant, Bond as a character was off. Yes, he rescued her from the fire. Yes, he pumelled the bad guys. Yes, he was a ruthless bastard. But where’s the redemption? Where’s the heroic stuff?

There’s heartbreaking scenes of people leaving the village cuz they’ve no water….it’s all being diverted and stored in huge reservoirs by the bad guy….who’s gonna sell it for a huge premium. Bond and the girl discover this. Then they walk into the nearest village and…. Go. Their. Separate. Ways.

WTF? Why didn’t they, gee, I dunno, divert the water back to the village and save it? I don’t quite know how, but then, he’s James freaking Bond! He’d have come up with something.

So he got revenge. She got revenge. Buh bye.
Still, Daniel Craig IS gorgeous. And he really deals to the action scenes – no gimmicks, just full-on athleticism and power. Yum! So yes, I’ll go see the next one. Here’s hoping it lives up to my expectations.



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