Even Demons Get Joyfully Reviewed

Checked my emails this morning before I raced out the door — as you do. And there’s a note from Theresa, MD of Red Sage Publishing, with a link to a review for Even Demons Get The Blues.

Oh noes. What a dilemma!

Do I open it up now, and quite possibly ruin my entire day if it’s less than complimentary? I mean, I’m off to meet a girlfriend I haven’t seen in far too long. She’s had a lot going on in the past year. Is she really gonna want to listen to me crying into my coffee about a review? Nope.

But then, if I don’t open it up now, I’ll be wondering and fretting over my coffee and I won’t be able to relax and give my friend my full attention. I’ll come across all distant and frankly, rude.

Ah, to hell with it. I need to quit being such a wimp. If it’s not a great review, then I’ll just have suck it up and deal — as you do in this business.

To my delight, it IS a great review — a really lovely early birthday present, in fact. (And I’m sure my long machiatto and muffin tasted even sweeter than usual *VBG*)

Seems Even Demons Get Joyfully Reviewed ;-)

Sorry about the pun, but I couldn’t resist. And thanks, Lisa, you’ve made my day/month/year!



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4 Responses to “Even Demons Get Joyfully Reviewed”

  1. Fantastic news Maree!! Congrats.

    • Maree says:

      Thanks, Eleni! It was a very nice reward for being brave enough to open up the email immediately instead of fretting over it, LOL.

  2. Nay says:

    AWESOME! Congrats Maree. Have I mentioned how I can’t wait for the next installment?