Even Demons Get The Blues – update

I have to admit to being an email addict. I open up my inbox every morning and just leave it open all day, so even when I’m working I can see little inbox notifications pop up and I’ll switch over to read them. I’ve also recently been cajoled into joining Facebook (how cool is it to post your holiday photos and have people actually look at them and make comments), and a couple of days ago, Twitter (so quick and easy – what’s not to like?)…but that’s a whole different topic featuring those particular highly addictive little beggars. Not to mention, yet more stuff popping up in my inbox. Which I love.

So I sloped in at 11.45pm last night after Ceroc class (and a strangely efficient dining experience at the ‘particular restaurant’ we haunt on a weekly basis) and of course, the instant I hit the top of the stairs, my computer beckoned…in other words, it was flashing and lighting up the room, begging to be either dragged from sleep-mode or closed down for the night. Close down? I don’t think so! I mean, what if there’s something urgent in the inbox? Uh huh. Like that’s gonna happen. Anything THAT urgent and the phone or the mobile would be ringing. Still, I couldn’t resist checking. Coz, like, I had to press that flashing button and power it up in order to shut it down, right? That’s what you get for having an office right outside your bedroom.

I checked the email  (no surprises there), Twittered, posted a couple of 50-word pitches on the Casablanca Authors blog for a contest they’re running (and thanks to US vs NZ time I was first to post, BTW) and then shut down the computer and tried to convince my brain to shut off too, so I could get some sleep.

First thing this morning, however, the computer beckoned. Or rather, the email beckoned.

Being a strong-willed gal (yeah, riiiiight!), I managed to do some other stuff first. Yanno, important stuff like checking on the kids, chatting with hubby before he goes to work, putting the rubbish and recycling out, having breakfast. Then, coffee in hand, it was off up to turn on the computer and see whether anything interesting had happened overnight.

And guess, what? It had!

My lovely Red Sage editor had emailed me a cover brief for Even Demons Get The Blues and was asking for my comments.

Way cool, seeing my name on the cover. And gorgeous cover, too, I must add. How they managed to do come up with it, given the rambling list of likes and dislikes and preferences I’d listed on the CIF, I’ll never know!

And such a buzz to print it off – even in its raw form – so I can drool over it whenever I wanted. Can’t wait to show LSH (long-suffering hubby) when he gets home from work tonight. Can’t stop grinning…even my kids were impressed! Son commented, “it’s pretty cool that they actually paid someone to do artwork for your book, isn’t it?” Yes, it is!

I have a cover. With my title and my name on it as the author. This means it really IS gonna happen, I really am gonna be a Red Sage author – yahoo! And people are gonna be able to spend their hard-earned cash to read my book – ulp! That’s a scary thought…and an exciting one, too.

Ooooh, and it means I’ll have something interesting to post on FaceBook and to Twitter. My cup runneth over!

Watch this space.



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