Doing the deed

Before I launch into the September reads, just have to give one of my own books a plug:

Freaks Of Greenfield High is now available at Barnes & Noble — yay!

Okay, back to business. I was at our RWNZ Auckland chapter meeting at the beginning of this month, and was thrilled to see Barbara Clendon of Barbara’s Books attending. I rubbed my hands in glee, because whenever Barbara makes it to one of our meetings, it means she’ll have bought along a selection of books and new releases, and I’ll inevitably come away with a couple of new authors to try based on her recommendations.

This month, Barbara spoke about a re-release from Avon, one of their featured “K.I.S.S. and Teal” releases to help raise funds for ovarian cancer. The book was “The Deed” by Lynsay Sands, a historical romance first published in 1997.

Ms Sands is well-known for her humorous paranormals featuring the Argeneaus, a family of vampires, and I love these books. But she’s also written a heap of historical romances, too. Now, I’m more your Regency historical girl. I adore that period. So the prospect of a story set in 1395? Probably wasn’t going to be high on my list considering my limited budget. But then Barbara read the blurb and talked about the book, and I decided I’d have to give it a go.

Here’s the blurb:

Lady Emmalene Eberhart wanted to do it. She’d even begged an audience with the King so that he would order her husband to do it–because she was determined to be a good wife. But then her husband died, and Emma remained a virgin.
Now the innocent young beauty finds herself with an ample dowry and promised to Amaury de Aneford, a landless knight whose able sword helped defend the King’s crown. Surely her new husband would want to do the deed, for his rugged good looks certainly make Emma’s heart skip more than a beat. And Emma suspects there is more to a wedding night than just a sound sleep… and more to true love than she ever imagined.

And that first chapter, where Emma has her audience with the King, certainly lives up to the promise of the blurb. I couldn’t stop smiling. And it was the same throughout the whole book.

I believe Barbara is right on when she said that if you don’t get too hung up on the historical accuracy of the story with regards to how much licence a woman would have in this time period, and just go along for the ride, this is a great read. Emma is an endearing, if somewhat misguided heroine, and Amaury is a perfect foil for her.

Enjoy! I know I did, even to the extent I was able to ignore the misuses of the word “reigned” (as in “she reigned in her horse”). And for me, that’s definitely saying something about how good a story is *g*

And here’s my reading list for September:

  • Spellbound by Cara Lynn Schultz
  • Here Comes The Groom by Karina Bliss
  • A Thunder Canyon Christmas by Raeanne Thayne
  • The Devil in Disguise by Stefanie Sloane
  • The Deed by Lynsay Sands
  • Pride and a Pregnancy Secret by Tessa Radley
  • The Magnate’s Indecent Proposal by Ally Blake
  • Kindling The Moon by Jenn Bennett
  • The Man She Loves To Hate by Kelly Hunter
  • The End Of Faking It by Natalie Anderson
  • Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child by Trish Morey
  • Valente’s Baby by Maxine Sullivan
  • The Executive’s Surprise Baby by Catherine Mann
  • Bargaining For King’s Baby by Maureen Child
  • Love, By George by Debra Satonen
  • The Texan’s Secret by Linda Warren
  • The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan
  • The Elliotts: Marriage Terms by Barbara Dunlop
  • A Dundee Christmas by Brenda Novak
  • We Need A Little Christmas by Kathleen O’Brien
  • Kiss Me, Santa by Karina Bliss
  • Colorado Christmas by C.C. Coburn
  • The Christmas Crush by Pamela Toth
  • The Bridesmaid’s Best Man by Barbara Hannay
  • The Blind Date Surprise by Barbara Hannay
  • Not On His Watch by Cassie Miles
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2 Responses to “Doing the deed”

  1. You always impress me with how much you read, Maree. No wonder you have nothing on the shelves. If you want a thought provoking read, End of the Night Girl by Amy T Matthews is one (SARA girl). Not sure if it’s released in NZ though.