Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Hi y’all,

Can’t believe it’s September already! Yesterday, Auckland celebrated it’s first day of Spring with a day so fine, that I actually risked hanging out the washing. Daughter, who was home sick from school, even ventured outside to sit in the sun and read a book for a bit. And to my surprise, neither washing nor daughter got rained on. Pity about today. Spring might have officially “sprung”, but it’s not quite holding its own just yet.

And now Spring is here — sort of — I have dilemmas, dilemmas, and more dilemmas. Which is pretty much typical for us angsty writer-types, I guess *VBG*

You see, I have too many darn choices! And every time I sit down at my computer and open up my Manuscripts file, I vacillate between rewriting an old manuscript, outlining something new that’s a bit off the beaten track for me, jumping in feet first and running with a really cool idea I’ve got for a story, or falling back on writing something tried and true. And, just because nothing’s ever simple, of course there’re some added complications.

So if you feel like wading in with your opinion and perhaps helping me make a decision — or just giving me a kick in the butt and telling me to “fergodsake pick something and go with it!” — then feel free to pop on over to Writers Gone Wild and have at it.



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