December/January reads and holidays

I thought that going on a month-long trip round the South Island for a month over Christmas would mean I’d get plenty of reading done. I pictured lazy hours curled up on a chair with a book…kinda like what happens at home ;-). Consequently, I packed four big books (I usually get through a book every day or two) and figured I’d buy some more along the way. I even drew up a list of must-buys and kept it in my wallet so if I had a grey moment and couldn’t remember the title or author, I’d be able to refer to it.

And yanno, I was totally surprised to discover I hardly read at all while on holiday. In fact, I read a grand total of six books, which for me, is just unheard of!


Coz being on holiday was so darned action-packed, that when we got back to our hotel room in whichever town we happened to be staying in at the time, we crashed out on the beds and napped. No surprises, considering we stayed in Palmerston North, then whipped across on the Inter-Islander ferry to Blenheim before heading off to Hanmer Springs, Christchurch, Tekapo, Wanaka, Arrowtown, Queenstown, Franz Josef, Wesport, Nelson, Wellington and back to Palmerston North, before heading home to Auckland. It was a heckuva trip! And when we weren’t actually doing fun stuff, like salmon fishing, bungy-jumping, Shotover Jet, swimming with seals, panning for gold or walking some gorgeous forest track, we were in the car travelling.

Now, I’m one of those weird people who can actually read books while sitting in a moving car and not get carsick. But the scenery passing us by was just too beautiful to miss. And for once in my life I figured, the books could wait. They’d still be there in a few weeks; this scenery wouldn’t. And I might never in my life, take these roads again and see that hill or that stream or that glacier. I kept a book in the car, just in case the opportunity ever arose. But it never did. Not even when we sat on the edge of Lake Dunstan to have lunch and spent an entire hour there. Kids and hubby skipped stones. I sat and watched a sailboat go by…which took an inordinate amount of time coz there was very little wind. Neither me, nor the boat’s inhabitants, minded. We were just in the moment.

So now the holiday’s over, we’ve got over 1000 photos (thank god for digital cameras!), umpteen videos and loads of memories of our month away. And, of course, the real world is back with a vengeance. Credit card bills. School stationary. Gardening. Housework. And it’s pick up where I left off with reading. In the ‘real world’ that’s the only holiday I get!

Here’s my very short reading list for December and January. (** are books purchased while on holiday.)
-Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen
-Friday by Robert Heinlein
-Job by Robert Heinlein
-I Will Fear No Evil by Robert Heinlein
-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
-The Mark of a Murderer by Susanna Gregory
-Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan**
-City of Bones by Cassandra Clare**
-Before I Die by Jenny Downham**
-Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr**
-Confessor by Terry Goodkind**
-Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King
-City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
-Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah by Stephen King
-Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
-Stolen by Kelley Armstrong
-Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong



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2 Responses to “December/January reads and holidays”

  1. Joanne says:

    What a nice post, Maree. Glad you had a good time. In fact, I was planning to head overseas when I turn fifty for a long holiday but I’m inspired, I think I’d rather spend a month or so seeing the South Island instead. I know what you mean about reading – even when I go camping I take along a stack of books and barely manage to get through a chapter. Might see you at the next meeting??

  2. Maree says:

    That was a seriously quick response to this post – another person welded to her computer, LOL! And seriously, the South Island trip was just fantastic. Sure, we could probably have spent alot less money, but we opted for pre-booked 2-bedroom accommodation, so it wouldn’t be a nightmare with the kids…who’re getting to ‘that age’ where they don’t appreciate sharing a bed…in the same room as their parents…who don’t appreciate it, either ;-). Given the amount of driving, we definitely needed to be well rested, too. And hey, there was plenty of time to read when we got back to Palmy, and we had a couple of days to chill, so I don’t feel too deprived.

    Hoping to make the next meeting. Besides, I have to show off my cover, don’t I?

    And if you want recommendations for places to go in the South Island, I’m your gal!