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Hi all,

Let Sleeping Demons Lie is nearly here, so it’s promo time…. Oh happy joy, LOL.

Just a couple of quick updates:

My lovely Aussie friend, Monique Wood, interviewed me a few weeks back for the Romance Writers of Australia blog, and the interview has just gone live.

I’m still chuckling over my “dedicated pantser” comments…. Ironic considering the manuscript I’ve just sold was based on a plotted outline. Who knew I could pull that one off? Not me, LOL.

Anyway, I’ve done my best to answer Monique’s awesome questions with (hopefully!) awesome answers, and, *gasp* there’s even photos! You might even get a glimpse of my NZ fireman’s calendar in the background ;-)

Would love you to stop by and leave me a comment to say “hi!” if you have a moment. Click here to come and chat with me.


And on 28th April (US time), I’m guest blogging over at Erotic Romantic Crush Junkies, where my wonderful hostess, Christine Morehouse, asked me some very thought-provoking questions!

And just quietly, there might be a giveaway. But shhhh. Let’s keep that a secret ;-)

Here’s the Erotic Romantic Crush Junkie’s blog link (Note: Interview is now live)



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