Why daughters perhaps shouldn’t read romances their moms have written

This morning a funny thing happened. I’m telling DD about the possessive, arrogant, borderline bully who’s the hero of a New Adult book I’m currently reading, and describing a bedroom scene that had me shaking my head… and hoping (out loud) that she (DD) won’t let herself get pushed around by a guy like that any time soon.

DD: “No worries in that respect, Mum.” *pauses* “So, have I told you about the dream I had the other night?”

Me: *stops wiping kitchen cupboards* “Nope.”

DD: “Well, I had this dream that involved a guy and me, and we were having sexytimes.”

Me: *blinks* *assumes poker-face* “Um, hope they were good sexytimes?”

DD: “Yeah, they sure were. And afterward he asks me, ‘Do you wanna know where I learned that?’ And then he points to a book and says, ‘I learned everything I just did from that book.’ So I walk over to the table to check out the book and it’s one of your books, Mum. The Crystal Warrior.”

Me: *blink blink blink* “OMG. Awkward! So what did you say to him?”

DD: “So I said, ‘My mum wrote that book.’ And he says, ‘Oh, I was re-enacting that shower scene.’ And I give him an Ewwww! Don’t you get that the author is my MOTHER? look, but he’s still pretty proud of himself.”

Me: *hugging her* “You know you’re not responsible for what your mind conjures up when you’re dreaming, right? And I promise I’ll pay for your therapy!”

DD: “I’m just glad I hadn’t read From The Ashes. Because dreaming scenes from that would have been much worse.”

Me: *trying not to laugh… or shudder* “Uh, yeah. That would have been a really interesting dream, all right.”

DD: “One thing impressed me about Dream-Guy, though.”

Me: *gulping, wondering if I’ll be the one needing therapy* “Yeah? What’s that?”

DD: “He’d bought the print edition of The Crystal Warrior, not the eBook.”

Me: *laughing* “You know, you should blog about this dream.”

DD: “Nah. But you can if you want.”



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6 Responses to “Why daughters perhaps shouldn’t read romances their moms have written”

  1. Just love this. So funny and wonderful that you can talk about these things with your daughter too!

  2. Gracie ONeil says:

    What a HOOT!!! It doesn’t sound like she needs therapy to me! LOL.

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    Love this story! You handled it so well! You’re a great mom and your daughter is awesome, too.