Darling, save the last dance for me!

You might have figured out by some of my references to dance classes that I love going dancing. Specifically, partner dancing–in my case, Ceroc dance, which is a kind of French Rock Jive done to any modern night-club style music with a decent beat.

Anyway, I thought I’d use my weekly Writers Gone Wild post to share with you some of the reasons why I love going dancing. And I’d also like to share some scenes from my favorite dance movies with you. Be warned: they’re sexy, fun, fabulous and well, sexy as! (You may well want to enrol in some dance classes after watching these.)

So check out Darling, save the last dance for me over at Writers Gone Wild. And if you happen to have a favorite dance movie you’d like to share, then please let me know about it in the comments!



(Who couldn’t go dancing tonight because of her son’s Year 6 graduation but will be kicking up her heels at the Ceroc East & South Christmas party tomorrow night, instead!)

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