Dark Side DownUnder!

**ADDENDUM 30th Oct:

Can not believe that the woman who’s put sooooo much work into getting this blog up and running has not been listed here!

Bet she thought she could hide, huh? *cue sing-song voice* I don’t think so!

Here she is, our lovely, talented and very awesome-sauce webmistress, Eleni!

Eleni writes Fantasy and Paranormal fiction with romantic elements. She has been published in short stories in the past. Her latest flash story is to be published with Antipodean SF in November. Eleni is a member of Romance Writer’s of Australia where she is part of Team Hearts Talk, the Online Services team, and is the co-moderator of the RWAus Paranormal e-group. She is the webmistress for SARA, Bootcampers 101, and the Dark Side.

Click here for Eleni’s website

Click here for Eleni’s blog


The DarkSiders are almost here!

We’re a bunch of Australian and New Zealand writers who write speculative fiction with romantic elements. And have we got the launch party for you! *VBG*

Interspersed with posts will be heeeeaps of giveaways! So make sure you go on over to the Dark Side to see what’s happening.

Here’s our schedule for the next couple of months:

(Note that I’ve given links to Darksiders‘ websites or blogs where available. Schedule may be subject to change.)

Oct 31st: LAUNCH

Nov 4th: Keri Arthur

Nov 6th: Rowena Cory Daniells

Nov 11th: Mel Teshco

Nov 13th: Jenny Schwartz

Nov 18th: Maree Anderson (ME!!!)

Nov 20th: Shona Husk

Nov 25th: Christina Phillips

Nov 27th: Tracey O’Hara

Dec 2nd: Nicole Murphy

Dec 4th: Michelle de Rooy

Dec 9th: Tracey O’Hara

Dec 11th: Jess Anastasi

Dec 13th: Maree Anderson

Dec 16th: Erica Hayes

Dec 18th: Janni Nell

Dec 4th: Santa ;-)

Jan 1st: New Year celebrant

Jan 13th: Shona Husk

Jan 15th: Joanne Vogel

Jan 20th: Denise Rossetti

Jan 22nd: Keri Arthur

Jan 29th: Nicky Strickland

Feb 3rd: Christina Phillips

Feb 6th: Denise Rossetti

Feb 10th: Luscious Loretta ;-)

Feb 12th: Nicola Sheridan

Feb 17th: Shannah Jay

Feb 24th: Keri Arthur

Feb 26th: Fiona Gregory

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8 Responses to “Dark Side DownUnder!”

  1. Go Maree! Isn’t that line up just spectacular! Thanks for spreading the word. :)) See you over on the Dark Side.

    • Maree says:

      It’s such a huuuuge lineup! Cripes, you’ve been working your tail off, Eleni. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

  2. Emmeline Lock says:

    What a huge list of fabulousness! Can’t wait!

  3. I’m so excited to be part of Darksiders. Can’t wait for the launch. Great post, Maree!

  4. Maree says:

    Jenny — LOLOL! Must try mine out on the cat *evil grin*