Dance like no one is watching

I haven’t been to a dance class in far too long (for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with). So I’m living vicariously through YouTube videos — as you do *wry grin* And here’s one I thought I’d share — no, I don’t dance like this!  I tried and I really sucked. So I’ll stick to Ceroc (which is, loosely, French-Rock-Jive partner dancing).

Oh, and before you check out the video, I have to confess that yes, I am rapidly becoming a K-pop fan. But even if you don’t like K-pop music, take it from someone who’s done the odd dance demo in public, including dancing with two other couples for a highly choreographed demo: dancing in perfect sync like this? It’s much much MUCH harder than it looks. So if you can’t abide the singing, then turn down the sound and concentrate on the dancing. These guys are pretty darned near perfect. (*le sigh*)

Edited to add: Forgot to mention that this vid is of a dance rehearsal – hence the less-than perfect sound quality of the vocals. And the group is 100%.




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