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For my first Writers Gone Wild post of 2010, I was gonna get all topical and list a bunch of Resolutions For Writers… until I realized I’d already done that back in a previous Writers Gone Wild post, as well as here on this website. Rats!

Anyway, if you do wish to re-read them, then just click here and it’ll take you straight to that post.

BTW: Speaking as one who’s not so good at New Year’s resolutions — either making them or keeping them! — may I humbly suggest that you might like to take whatever resolution from the list that happens to resonate with you and give it your best shot in 2010.

Or if, like me, you don’t *do* New Year’s resolutions, then you can take a page from my book and try this: cast your eye over the list and give yourself a pat on the back for achieving one or more from the following list in the past year. Hey, whatever works, I reckon!

So given that I can’t in all conscience just redirect you to an old post because that would be cheating, I clicked back to my website to cruise for some inspiration and found an old post quoting a card from Roger Von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack. It’s Card #21 and it reads:

Editor: “I like your book except for the ending.”
Author: “What’s wrong with the ending?”
Editor: “It should be closer to the beginning.”

What can you edit out of a current project or idea to make it better? What can you streamline? What can you simplify?

“Eureka!” I howled, sagging back in my cheer from the sheer relief of having a topic for today’s post. “We’ll get creative with some randomly selected cards from the Creative Whack Pack!”

Seriously, though, I’m amazed at how many of the cards I selected can be directly applied to writers and our processes. So for more fun to read and above all, thought-provoking cards, Let’s Get Creative on Writers Gone Wild!



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