Cover reveal: Tangent

An age ago a reader asked me if Tangent, the Liminals prequel novella first released in the Dangerous Boys anthology, would ever be released as a stand-alone novella.

My answer was, “Yep, it sure will be released as a stand-alone story!”

Unfortunately, I had no idea my life was to go off on a bit of a… well, tangent, and it would take so very long to make that stand-alone story happen.

Why the delay, I hear you ask?

These past couple of years have been, in a word, rough. Among other life-changing happenings, I started a new full-time job to pay the bills, got divorced in a mostly amiable & adult fashion, sold the family home, moved into a rental, had an unexpected stint in hospital (which resulted in a somewhat major operation), mere weeks after that, I had to move house again.

If you’re guessing this all took its toll on my muse, you’d be right on the money. Sod this, Ms Muse muttered… and promptly crawled into her lady-cave, rolled a bloody great rock over the entrance behind her, and went into extended hibernation.

To cut a long story short, life is slowly but surely getting back on track. And I’m rapt to bits to reveal that not only does this stand-alone version of Tangent have a gorgeous new cover, but that it’s FREE at most eBook retailers!


Revealing his lethal power could save her… or doom them both.

For two years, lone wolf Rix has protected Lily… and lied about his true feelings. Best to keep treating her like the younger sister he never had, because how could she possibly love a hulking great lummox like him? Then Lily vanishes, and Rix discovers someone is snatching liminal kids to use in covert experiments. Rix will risk it all to find Lily. And once he tracks her down his plan is simple: phase in, grab her, get the hell out. But Lily’s merely bait for the real target: Rix.

Vaughn Kincaid, the man behind the experiments on lims, is a driven, sadistic bastard—even his own sons are horrified by the things he’s done. He won’t hesitate to torture Lily and use her as a means to control Rix. Rix’s only ally is Kade, one of Vaughn’s long-term lab-rats. But despite Kade’s willingness to share information, he has an agenda and Rix isn’t convinced he can be trusted. To keep Lily alive, Rix may have to reveal the dangerous liminal ability he’s kept secret his whole life, and risk becoming the one thing he’s vowed never to be again: a killer.


FREE at the following eBook retailers:

iBooks Stores Worldwide|
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B&N US |
Kobo |


The Liminals series so far:

Tangent (novella-length prequel)

Liminal (Book 1)

Phase (Book 2)


(Note that at the time this post was published, price-matching had not filtered down to all retailers and the price for  Tangent on Amazon was US$0.99 or foreign currency equivalent.)

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