I’ve just received the final cover proof for my Red Sage novella, Even Demons Get The Blues….ta daaaaaaah!

This is so exciting! Well, for me, anyway, LOL.

I think it’s pretty darn classy but then, not surprisingly, I’m biased.

I chucked it up on my Facebook website a couple of days ago, and posted the public link to my RWNZ loop to get some feedback. I’ve had heaps of positive and incredibly enthusiastic comments from those who’ve seen the cover so far, so it’s all good. It’s looking like a cover which will definitely sell books and I’m told the title is not half bad, either…I can take full credit for that bit ;-).

As an added bonus, it makes for a brilliant Twitter avatar, too.

Next step is copyedits and then a publication date. Can’t wait!



P.S. You can click to view the full size cover.

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5 Responses to “MY FIRST COVER!!!”

  1. Jackie says:

    It is a great cover and you should be excited. Congratulations!!!! Here’s hoping it’s first of many

  2. Maree says:

    Thanks, Jackie. Yep, here’s hoping!

  3. Eleni says:

    Congrats on the cover Maree. It’s lovely and you’re right it’s a great looking avatar.

  4. Maree says:

    Hey, thanks, Eleni! And do I take this to mean you’re a fellow Twitterer?

  5. Rowena says:

    Hi Maree – way to go and a finalist with Freaks too. Fantastic news.