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Short On Time And Inspiration? I’ve Got Your Back  

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Hi y’all,

To my horror, December is flitting by in the blink of an eye and Christmas is looming. And although I have the bulk of my Christmas shopping covered I have left the, uh, difficult people ’til last. Which is never a good idea. Kinda like pushing all your Brussells sprouts to the edge of your plate and then having to eat them all at once without benefit of mashed potato and gravy to disguise the taste *shudders theatrically*

So while I’m cruising the various online shopping sites, praying for inspiration and the hope of finding The Perfect Gift For That Awkward Someone, I figured I might as share some of my findings. And a huge thanks to Sarah from Smart Bitches Trashy Books, who’s been posting reader recommendations in the SBTB Gift Guide series— well worth checking out!

1. Think GeekStuff for smart masses

I love this site! This is your go-to website for cool geeky stuff and gadgets. And who could resist their branded categories such as: Zombies and Bacon, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars and Dr Who.

Or such stocking-stuffer gems as the iBottleOpener (iPhone case bottle opener), Dr Who TARDIS 4 port USB hub, The Useless Box Kit, and the Big Bang Theory Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Desktop Mug.
Go on, be a geek. You know you want to.


2. Threadless; For unique t-shirts and a whole lot more

Another site I love. People submit their designs, people vote, and the most popular designs are considered for production. I got one of those pre-loaded credit cards last year for Christmas and I blew it all on Threadless tees. They also do Phone cases, mugs, backpacks, wall art, socks etc.

They’ve got a 40% sale on at the moment–ends on 6th Dec I believe?–and reduced international delivery. But you’ll have to be quick if you want delivery by Christmas Day. Then again, because half the fun for the giftee is cruising the shop to choose their fave designs, a gift card could be the way to go :)

Note: I’ve noticed a sizing discrepancy between “girly” styles of tees. I’m usually a Medium, but last shipment the Mediums in the scoop-neck girly styles were skin-tight! (And DD scored them.) So next shipment I got Mediums in the crew-neck style, and Larges in the scoop-neck style.


3. Black Milk ClothingFor leggings, swimsuits, bodysuits, dresses and a whole lot more

DD is in love with the designer leggings this crowd puts out — they’re based in Australia, BTW. And I gotta admit, they are gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind a pair myself… not that I’m hinting or anything.

DD’s taste veers toward ye olde masters designs such as Call of Napoleon and The Last Judgement, but I’m rather partial to Egypt and Artoo/Threepio myself. (Must tone up and treat myself to a pair *g*)


4. Oberon DesignArtisan-made leather and pewter

I have my eye on a hand-tooled leather cover for my Kindle– this Cloud Dragon designwould do quite nicely *g* But they also do handbags, wallets, belts, cellphone sleeves and guitar straps (among other things!)


5. Fifty Shades of Chicken; Dominate Dinner! 

A young, free-range chicken…
A dominating, ravenous chef…
Fifty recipes to make every dinner a turn-on…

Recipes include: Dripping Thighs, Learning To Truss You, and Erect Chicken…. the mind boggles.Yes, yes. I know: another recipe book. And worse, another Fifty Shades parody. Yawn. But I would so buy this book based on the trailer alone. So just in case you’re not yet convinced this will make a great addition to an eager cook’s shelves, check this out:


6. Good Books International; Free delivery worldwide, all profits to charity

This is one of my favorite online shopping stores for books and DVDs of books that I send to my grandmother who’s almost blind and can no longer read. They also sell music.

They’re brilliant to deal with–I once got two copies of a book delivered accidentally (they only charged me for one) and they just told me to give it away to someone as a gift. If you’re worried about delivery in time for Christmas, then consider a Good Books International gift voucher… because who doesn’t love a voucher that lets you choose your own reading material?


And last, but not least….

7. DC Comics Superhero Socks; for the caped crusader in your life!

Rather like the Wonderwoman socks myself….

Have fun with your Christmas shopping,



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5 Responses to “Christmas Shopping Inspirations”

  1. Love the Wonder Woman socks…. LOL

  2. Eleni, strangely enough it’s the old theme from Batman that keeps running through my head….