Christmas Eve shennanigans

Hi all,

It’s my turn to blog over at the Red Hot Red Sage Authors blog for our Rock Around December contest, and I’m revealing some past Christmas Eve shennanigans in the Anderson household. (If you’ve ever come up with the bright idea of letting your kids hang their Christmas stockings over their bed posts because you don’t have a fireplace, and then had to cope with kids who’re extremely light sleepers, you’ll know exactly what I mean by shenannigans. All I can say is thank heavens for our cat!)

So pop on over to the Red Hot Red Sage Authors blog and read all about the trials and tribulations of a parent playing “Santa” for her far-too-smart kids.

You might like to share some of your own Christmas Eve fun and games, too, because every commenter goes in the draw to win a huuuuge prizepack of books and goodies donated by Red Sage authors. (A winner will be drawn on New Year’s Eve. For full details, click here to go to the Red Sage blog Rock Around December post.)




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