Chocoholic bookaholics rejoice!

The headline:

Chocolate: The Scent That Could Save Struggling Bookstores

My reaction:

OMG, I HAVE to stop what I’m doing and read this article immediately!

The gist of the article:

“Researchers in Belgium have discovered a simple, inexpensive way to keep customers in the store longer and, quite possibly, boost sales. They report shoppers are more likely to engage in leisurely browsing—and ultimately purchase books in certain popular genres, including romance novels—if the store is infused with the scent of chocolate.”

My reaction after reading the article:

Well, duh! I could have told them that. If the smell of fresh-baked bread works for real-estate agents trying to sell houses….

And I found the results when the scent was restricted to specific genres particularly fascinating.

My conclusion:

I’d so want to shop at a bookstore that smelled like chocolate! It’d be a little piece of heaven on earth for this chocoholic bookaholic.

Here’s a link to the article.



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