Choc-Cross Buns, Flu and April’s reading list

What a month! School holidays, overindulging in Easter Eggs and Choc-Cross Buns (and even though there really could be 100 choc-chips in each bun as claimed, this chocoholic thinks she still prefers the traditional Easter buns), sick kids (flu and tummy bugs: not the aforementioned overindulgence) and the inevitable “now I’m feeling better, I’ll give the dreaded lurgy to Mummy!” scenario. Why is it as soon as I’m on holiday I get sick? What’s with that? Am I being punished for some unknown transgression by the the God of Flu & Other Bugs? Anyway, the result: 3 days in bed with the headache from hell and other delightful symptoms I’d rather not mention, followed by 4 days of just feeling like crap. So much for exercising off all that extra chocolate. I’d like to go down on bended knee to thank the manufacturers of Panadol, here, since popping a couple every four hours at least allowed me to concentrate on the written word, i.e. lie around and catch up on my reading, otherwise I’m sure I’d have gone not-so-quietly nuts.

But there were upsides to April. I got to find out firsthand what wonderful kids I have – they brought me breakfast-in-bed and glasses of water, didn’t argue or fight, didn’t moan about not going anywhere and didn’t mind dinners out of a can or toasted sandwiches, coz that was all I was capable of whenever I did drag my sorry butt out of bed. And then of course, there was the ultimate pleasure (for me, anyway) of going into the new Borders which has opened up out our way, and spending the voucher I’d been given for my birthday. Yahoo! Chance to buy an entire series ilo just one or two books – hence the ‘Stardoc’-fest… nothing like starting at the beginning of the first book and just power-reading your way through to the end of the last one. Sigh… it’s almost better than chocolate.

So, on to April reads. The sooner I get this posted, the sooner I can get back to putting the finishing touches on yet another short synopsis (details on why that’s not exactly pleasurable can be found under the ‘Snarking about short synopses’ post) and curl up somewhere comfortable to finish the current book I’m reading, which is:

How I write, by Janet Evanovich (A complete delight, by the way. Love revisiting Stephanie Plum and all her pals while gaining an insight into Ms Evanovich’s writing process.)

AND, I won a raffle prize at my RWNZ writers’ group meeting (yay me!) so I had lots of varied romances to read – especially love those Medicals. Other April reads were:

Stardoc, Beyond Varallan, Endurance, Shockball, Eternity Row, Rebel Ice, all by S.L. Viehl
Jinxed, Seduced, both by Beth Ciotta (and Charmed is on my list for next month – I bought them out of order :-( )
Deceived by Nicola Cornick
Her Outback Protector by Margaret Way
Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Nurse by Carol Marinelli
Drive Me Crazy by Kate Angell
In Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond
The Couple Most Likely To by Lilian Darcy
Her Sister’s Secret Life by Pamela Toth
Whose Lie Is It Anyway? by Abby Gaines (loved it heaps, Abby! Now just need you to sign it for me, pretty please?)
Meant-To-Be Mother by Ally Blake
Coming Home to Katoomba by Lucy Clark
Devotion Calls by Caridad Pineiro
Battleaxe by Sara Douglass
The Return of Luke McGuire by Justine Davis
Dad by Default by Jacqueline Diamond
Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan
Fearless by Helen Kirkman (oh, Helen… this was incredible! And likewise, please have your pen ready.)
The Rake’s Revenge by Gail Ranstrom

Talk to you next month,



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