Cats and Vampire Slayers

The month of January has been and gone and I’ve been reading up a storm – in between writing up a storm, that is. Trying my hand at writing to a self-imposed deadline and a target of 1500 fully edited and proofed words per day, with a view to entering the finished ms in a competition. Easier said than done, what with school holidays, losing two days travelling down country and back up again, and having to deal with the tragedy of finally losing our beloved cat, Hazel, to extreme old age. We did acquire another cat, Minnalouche, a month before Hazel went to that big cat holiday home in the sky and I think she’s made it easier for us, on the whole. The kids say, “I miss Hazel, Mum.” And then they’ll sigh and drag a pom pom round the room to entice Minna to play and end up laughing at her antics. I hadn’t considered how dreadfully empty the house would be when Hazel died. I look for her on her favourite spot on the couch and she’s not there. Our vet sent us a bereavement card and I cried all over again. I washed her favourite cushion and that made me weep, too. How I’d have coped when the children finished Christmas school holidays and went back to school and it was just me, alone in the house writing while hubby is at work, I just don’t know. Luckily I have Minna to fill that emptiness. She’s a lot younger and more mobile than Hazel, so she prefers outdoors and doing her own thing during the day. Or at least, she did when Hazel was alive. Now, she comes upstairs with me and sits nearby, keeping me company while I tap away at the keyboard, trying to get those words in my head down on the screen. Or she leans against me while I’m curled up in my favourite chair doing ‘reasearch’ as the kids call it (i.e. reading). Minna knows I’m sad, I’m sure, and she’s helping me cope. I look at her and think of Hazel and then smile because it’s Minna and she’s finding her own place in my heart.

And so to vampire slayers…
Funny how the problem of setting a daily word-count hasn’t actually been sitting down at the computer and writing, it’s been getting up off the chair and closing the current book I’m reading! I’ve been indulging in a bit of a Laurell K Hamilton marathon, you see, i.e. re-reading the Anita Blake Vampire Slayer books – always a favorite of mine. But it hasn’t all been Anita, Jean-Claude, Richard and the boys. While on holiday for three days, I finished another in the aforementioned series and turned my attention to a couple of my mum-in-law’s books which were lying round. Nothing like picking up something totally different, as you’ll see from the list. BTW, they were the last two books, just in case you’re curious.

So, on to the list for January.

-Guilty Pleasures, The Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned, The Lunatic Cafe, Bloody Bones, The Killing Dance, Burnt Offerings, Blue Moon, Obsidian Butterfly, all by Laurell K. Hamilton (Yes I know there are more in the series. Believe me, I’m getting there!)
-The Nanny by Melissa Nathan
-The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
-The Loop by Nicholas Evans
-True Believer by Nicholas Sparks
-Quite Honestly by John Mortimer
-The Pig Who Sang to the Moon (The Emotional World of Farm Animals) by Jeffrey Moussalieff Masson
-My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
-French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano

That’s it for the mo. Early to bed means more time to read!

:-) M

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