Casting Freaks and Crystal Warriors

So, there’s a “thing” coming up next week and one of the suggestions for participating authors was to “cast” their characters.

Now, last time I cast characters for a book was for the production company who optioned Freaks of Greenfield High; they wanted to get a feel for how I envisioned the characters. Fun? Hell, yes :) But that was a few years ago now, so DD and I figured it was time for an update. Hence, after we cast the characters in The Crystal Warrior, we tackled Freaks of Greenfield High, too :)

Now, for potential copyright infringement reasons, I’m not keen on posting photos of my favorite celebs here. So instead, I set up a couple of Pinterest boards where I could pin prompts for the original ideas that inspired the Crystal Warriors series and the Freaks series, as well as cast the characters. If the original photo I’d found on the interwebz during “casting” had already been pinned to other Pinterest boards, I re-pinned it to my board. Otherwise, I chose the best substitute photo of that celeb I could find on Pinterest.

The hyperlinks will take you straight to the individual Pinterest board — hope you like ’em!

And in the event you can’t see the boards via clicking the links without registering or whatever, I’ll list the “casts” here, along with a link to their page on Wikipedia or IMDb etc (in case you’ve never heard of the actor/actress).

Note: These links unfortunately won’t take you to the specific photo that prodded me to “cast” a celeb as a various character (some had changed hair color or hairstyle, and their photo made me go OMG, perfect!), but I’d rather give you a link to click than leave you scratching your head because you’ve never even heard of that particular celeb :)

The Crystal Warriors casting:

Wulf: Jason Momoa (a la Conan the Barbarian rather than Game of Thrones)

Chalcey: Maite Perroni (Mexican actress/model/singer/songwriter)

Samantha (Sam):  Hayden Panettiere (Nashville)

Matt: Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries)

Ray: Ed Westwick (a la Gossip Girl — I found an amazing pic of him as a blond that made me go “Ray!” but couldn’t source it on Pinterest, unfortunately.)

Jai: Yanis Marshall (absolutely a-freaking-mazing dancer and choreographer! )

Esmeralda: Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black)

Francesca: Meryl Streep (a la The Devil Wears Prada rather than any of her other myriad roles)

Pieter: Sean Connery (a la Medicine Man)


Freaks of Greenfield High casting:

Jay: Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black: she deserves multiple awards for her incredible portrayals of all the clones in this series. Awesome!)

Tyler: Jeremy Sumpter (Just Google “grown up Peter Pan” *g*)

Caro: Bella Thorne (best check out the photo on Pinterest to see why I chose her for “Caro”)

Matt: Parker Young (Suburgatory)

Bettina: Amanda Seyfreid (a la her “look” in Mean Girls)

Shawn: Caleb Lane (the original photo I spotted had him as a blonde, wearing a hoodie–perfect Shawn material)

Nessa: Nicola Peltz (Transformers, The Last Airbender)

Marissa: Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)

Michael: Damian Lewis (Homeland)

Mmmm. I’m on the fence about some of these choices, so might update them at a later time; watch this space.





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