Why Carla Cassidy is my hero(ine)!

Pregnesia“The awesomeness of the review combined with the author’s grace and humor make me want to glom Carla Cassidy. I’ll definitely be picking up PREGNESIA just on principle.”

Whoa. “…just on principle”. How about that for a response from a commenter?

To recap, a review of Pregnesia was posted on the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog. It was a funny review — in a kinda spit-your-coffee-over-your-keyboard-Oh-My-Freaking-God! way. But it’s also the kind of review that might have an author reaching for the chocolate and scoffing the whole bar and then some, while trying not to cry. Or get angry. Or emotional enough to blast the reviewer — there’s been a few incidents like that lately and it never ends well.

Not this author. Not Carla Cassidy. Nyuh uh. She got into the whole spirit of the thing and posted a comment which just blew me away. What she said was both clever and funny and freaking bloody awesome. She is my hero(ine)!

And the best thing about her response?

Commenters are saying they will go out and buy her book simply because of how brilliantly she handled her response. In fact, commenters went out and bought her book and then came back to leave a comment!

You gotta read this review and Ms Cassidy’s response, entitled: 10 Reasons I love this review and other musings by the author of Pregnesia (posted in the comments section at 8.10am).

Now, where can I get a copy of Pregnesia?



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