Breaking out on iTunes

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll already know I have a couple of freebie eBooks available at a variety of eBook stores right now. (So feel free to ignore the following info.) The idea is to let readers check out the first books in a couple of series for free — kind of like when publishers give away a bunch of books to readers. Except it’s a slightly more complicated process with eBooks.



THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR (Book One of The Crystal Warriors Series):
Paranormal romance,  92,000 words, is currently FREE to download at:

Smashwords | B&N USB&N UKDiesel eBooks |
iBooks US | iBooks UK | iBooks NZ | Kobo |Sony |
Amazon US | Amazon UK |
All Romance eBooks |

Note: the book hasn’t been price-matched across all Amazon outlets, so at Amazon DE, FR, IT, ES, CA etc., it’ll be the foreign currency equivalent of US$0.99c. If you can’t access the Amazon US store, you can still get hold of a free mobi file to sideload to your Kindle at Smashwords or All Romance eBooks.


SEER’S HOPE (Book One of The Seer Trilogy):
Fantasy (with romantic elements), 107,000 words, is currently FREE to download at:

Smashwords | B&N US | B&N UKDiesel eBooks |
iBooks US | iBooks UK | iBooks NZ | Kobo |

Note: I’m hoping to upload the PDF, epub, mobi to All Romance eBooks, and the mobi to Amazon, early next week. But unless Amazon price-matches immediately after I upload — highly unlikely! sorry — it’ll be US$0.99c (or foreign currency equivalent ) at Amazon stores. So if you want to get hold of a free copy, then you can grab one from Smashwords or (all going to plan, in the next few days) from All Romance eBooks.

And on the subject of freebies, look at what I spotted on the Books/Romance section of iBooks:


 Isn’t it pretty? I <3 this banner sooo much!

And color me gobsmacked that iTunes would choose one of my eBooks to feature here, and design such a fab banner for it. Wow. A Kiwi author such as myself can only dream of this kind of exposure… so of course I screen-captured it. You know, just to prove to DH when he got home that his wife wasn’t delusional *g*

BTW, I sent a thank-you message to iTunes Customer Service and got a really lovely response from a rep, too. Still smiling ’bout that.

Happy reading!



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