Booktrack’s got a special offer on Freaks!

Hi all,

You might recall me mentioning that last Christmas holidays I decided to experiment with Booktrack, a company that gives you access to all sorts of cool sound-effects, music, ambiance effects etc., that let’s novices like me easily add a soundtrack/special effects to our books. And the book I chose to soundtrack was Freaks of Greenfield High. Because, you know, kick-ass teenage cyborg getting into all sorts of interesting situations :)

Anyhow, I had so much fun adding a soundtrack to the prologue, that I went ahead and did the first chapter of Freaks, too. But alas, when you’re a writer, nearly everything comes down to WIBBOW; Would I Be Better Off Writing. And, after calculating the time it would take to soundtrack the rest of Freaks of Greenfield High, I made the call to buckle down and keep writing and working on the work-in-progress.

Fast-forward to a couple of months back, and I got an email from Chazz at Booktrack. The gist was that they liked what I’d done with Freaks and readers seemed to like it, too. So would I give them permission to do a professional soundtrack for the whole book?

Um…. Let me think about this for, like, 5 whole seconds…. YES PLEASE!

So Freaks of Greenfield High was duly handed over to a Booktrack sound engineer, who, by all reports, had a hella lot of fun working on my book :)  And….

It’s finished! And…

Last week I got to review the final “booktrack” and it’s really REALLY amazing. Talk about enhancing the whole reading experience and taking one of my favourite pastimes — reading — to a whole new level of awesome. I have to say that I’m totally stoked with what the team at Booktrack have done with this book :)

And here’s where Booktrack’s “special offer” part comes in:

Refer-a-Friend to Booktrack and get 3 FREE Booktracks!

Currently it’s YA Lit Week on Booktrack. Which means that this week, if you share Booktrack with a friend, you — and your friend! — will get Freaks of Greenfield High, Mari Mancusi’s Tomorrow Land, and Jennifer Ellison’s Threats of Sky and Sea for free!


Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.18.42 PM


Booktrack’s YA Lit week promo ends 2nd December.

Happy reading/listening!




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