Let Sleeping Demons Lie

By Maree Anderson

Kitten vs Lion — a match made in Hell!

Naamah’s been stripped of everything — her memories, her demonic powers, and her clothes — and dumped in a savage wilderness known as The Realm. She believes she is human and has no idea that non-humans even exist — just as well, considering that she’s got a phobic fear of Lycans and the man who finds her is a Lion shape shifter!

Brennan is a Prime, that most alpha of alphas, and he has no time for demon females — not when he can crook a claw and any Lycan female he chooses will come running. Even though he suspects the woman he’s named “Kitten” is not what she appears to be, he lays claim to her body… and her heart. When they’re ambushed by sadistic Hyenas and Brennan is severely injured, Kitten’s only chance of saving them both is to reclaim her Demonic heritage… even if it means revealing her true self and losing Brennan’s love.

Guide to pronunciation: Naamah = NAY-uh-mah


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Length: Novella, approx 35,000 words
List Price: US$2.99
Publisher: Maree Anderson
Release date: July 2020
ISBN: 9780995139909

First published in May 2010 by Red Sage Publishing

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Rated 5 Delightful Divas

[…] I don’t know what I liked more in this book, the hot love scenes or the vicious fight scenes. Ms. Anderson has written a very sexy read with this book and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another book by her.

While this book takes up where Even Demons Get the Blues leaves off, it can easily stand on its own. I even got to catch up with the original characters from the first book, especially the yummy Demon King. I’m still waiting to see if Ms. Anderson is going to give Asmodeus his own tale. Maybe if I get down on my knees and beg? Tragic to think of a reviewer doing this but I will, if it’ll help!

So if you like a bit of magic, sexy shape shifters and a feisty beguiler, then this book is for you!

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Night-Owl-Reviews-top-pickWhat happens next in the story will either have you laughing or crying throughout the work.

Let Sleeping Demons Lie is a very passionate and very entertaining tale. […]

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Lycans, and Demons, and Lions… OH MY! Draped in fiction, magic, and intrigue– Let Sleeping Demons Lie is a seductively designed package, just waiting to be ripped apart for your pleasure.

[…] This story jumps right in with a devilishly sinful, captivating prologue that will have you saying ‘just one more page’ through the whole story. Admittedly, I intended on only reading the first few pages to get a feel for the book, but found myself moving onto the next chapter and the next, until my son is telling me he is tired and wants to go to bed… and he hasn’t had dinner yet! (eek!)

[Brennan’s] sex appeal jumps off the page and makes you want more of his animal instinct and possessive nature. The scenes of lust and love between Brennan and Naamah, his “Kitten”, vary between species – humanoid, felinoid, and lion alike – but it’s always well-written and well-scripted. The enemies in this novel are well-written and take on a whole life of their own. The creepy main she/he Hyena, Cass, jumps off the page and I’m sure I’ll have nightmares of that sinister beast tonight.

The best part about this story is that there IS a story. One laced with equal parts of need, desire, lust, passion and real conflict between the characters. There is an underlying age-old undertone of the characters “wants” versus their “destiny” at play. You want Brennan and “Kitten” to be together, but the obligations and risks are high if both give into their desires. […] I’d highly recommend it to anyone that loves paranormal romances with some torridly good, beastly interludes mixed in.

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Let Sleeping Demons Lie is book 2 in the Demon series by Maree Anderson, but it could be read as a standalone book. When I started reading this I didn’t know it was the second in the series, and I didn’t have any problems. It was a great page turning book and had me wanting more. Now I will need to get the first one.

[…] Throughout the book Brennan and Kitten have a little bit of a love/hate relationship. You meet some disturbed characters that will keep you turning the pages. You can feel the passion from the book and it will leave you wanting more.

I really liked Brennan, he seems so honorable and like a knight in shining armor. He rode to Kitten’s rescue at least at the beginning. Towards the end, Kitten knows who she is and is able to stand up for herself. There was a number of graphic sex scenes throughout the book, which didn’t bother me but for some it might.

Read the full review by Marissa at ROMANCING-THE-BOOK


Chapter one began a story that was easy to follow with characters that evinced a strong attraction and sexual tension. Kitten didn’t really seem too concerned that she had no memory, and possibly could have had a husband or a family somewhere. She also began to trust Brennan way too quickly. However, the descriptions of Brennan’s sexual desires were very good as were the sex scenes themselves. The book was worth it for the enjoyable sex scenes alone. […] All in all, the book ended up being much better than the opening prologue suggested. Stick with it and you will get an enjoyable story.

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[…] Anytime I find myself waffling on a book rating, I pretend I’m watching Russell Crowe, wearing the latest in Gladiator fashion, brandishing a weapon as he screams, “Are you not entertained?” What happens next stays between me and Russ, but the intended outcome is simple: if the story entertained me, I give it a higher rating, copy-editing errors be damned.

My initial hesitation in bestowing 4 tombstones (rather than the original 3.5 tombstones) lied in the slightly disturbing character known as Cass. She added the right amount of evilness to the story, but her depravity almost went too far. […] Overall, I was thoroughly entertained by Let Sleeping Demons Lie by Maree Anderson. Her writing style is informal and hilarious, including much Valley Girl verbiage. Hearing a lion shapeshifter talk of his utter awesomeness is, well, awesome. I love it. Naamah and Brennan fit together, physically and mentally. Their interactions are sweet, if not bizarre, and I instantly liked them.

Read the full review by Jackie at BITTEN BY BOOKS


LET SLEEPING DEMONS LIE is the second offering from Maree Anderson’s Demon series.  It is a stand-alone title and was fun to read.  [… Brennan and Kitten] find themselves at opposite sides and doing a lot of fighting, but you know what they say, love and hate are the opposite sides of the same coin.

Ms. Anderson writes a story with witty dialogue, where all the protagonists seem to always have a sassy comeback for whatever happens.  This is obviously a world which has been previously set up, but is well detailed in this story. I just want to give a brief heads up that these are shifters/were creatures and sex comes in all kinds of forms – literally and figuratively.   So if you are at all squeamish in the sex scenes you like to read, this offering might not be for you.

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