The Seer Trilogy Bundle

Three full-length fantasy stories

by Maree Anderson


Bundle includes:

  • Seer’s Hope, Book One of The Seer Trilogy
    (Hope’s story)
  • Seer’s Promise, Book Two of The Seer Trilogy
    (Romana’s story)
  • Seer’s Choice, Book Three of The Seer Trilogy
    (Ryley’s story)


Seer’s Hope (Book One of The Seer Trilogy):

Hope is snatched from her home and transported to a primitive world of magic and capricious gods. The Dayamari people believe she’s a Seer and their only hope of salvation, but she’s blind—she can’t see anything at all, let alone the future. She must accept her destiny and learn to wield the awe-inspiring powers the gods have bestowed upon her. And if she’s to save those she loves from the horrifying evil that lurks in the darkness, failure is not an option.


Seer’s Promise (Book Two of The Seer Trilogy):

Hope’s Sehani powers have finally grown strong enough to risk returning to Earth. Gods willing, she’ll find a way to rid her daughter of the soul-eater that possesses her, and convince Romana to return with her to Dayamaria.

Romana is captivated by the prospect of becoming a powerful Sehan like her mother. But her dreams are shattered when everything she’d hoped for is bestowed upon someone who couldn’t care less about wielding Sehani magic. Romana craves power with every fiber of her being… and when she finds a way to take what she wants the cost is devastating for gods and humankind alike.


Seer’s Choice (Book Three of The Seer Trilogy):

Ryley has traveled across worlds and discovered his soul mate living in the Earth town of Seaview… his mother’s hometown. Watching Rowan from afar is one thing, but actively interfering in her destiny? That’s against “the rules” in so many ways—especially when your mother is the most powerful Sehan in Dayamaria, and your grandmother happens to be a goddess. If anyone discovers where he’s been disappearing to—and why—there’ll be big trouble. But he can’t give Rowan up, especially now her strange powers have spun dangerously out of control. And when Dayamaria is threatened by a deadly predator immune to magic, Ryley must choose between the woman he loves and the people he left behind.


Excerpts from each book can be found on the Book pages:


Genre: Fantasy (with romantic elements)
Format: eBook
Length: Novel, approx 316,000 words
Price: US $17.97 $8.99 (or US$ equivalent)
Publisher: Maree Anderson
Published: March 2013
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Reviews for The Seer Trilogy:

“I read every page of this trilogy and really enjoyed it. I liked the characters and the plot was different from anything else I’ve read. Also, the editing is quite good. Poor editing of a book distracts from the story. Recommending this to family and friends.” ~ Louise S, Amazon

“Breath-taking!, Read ‘Seer’s Hope’ (for free) then take the plunge!” ~ Jeanette Turner, Smashwords

“Read book one and had to get the others. Nuff said.” ~ aramide, Smashwords

“A really enjoyable trilogy, good storyline that has left room for more development if the author fancies a follow on series. Characters believable and you do have the “got to read the next one” impulse as you go through. Enjoy.” Pat Young, Smashwords

“I really enjoyed reading The Seer Trilogy, and found the characters and story line interesting, I would recommend these books across the generations from teens to the older fantasy reader, one of the better Authors from the huge amount I have downloaded on my kindle, kept my interest through all the books unlike most of the free books I have read. Lovely story telling. Have now bought the Crystal books to read.” ~ T. Demetriou, Amazon UK

“brilliant just the escape i wanted and a good story as well. i hope that the story can be expanded into other story lines as well.” ~ doug smith, Amazon UK

Fab books! I absolutely loved all three of these books which drag you in right from the beginning, and which are so believable that you can “see” everything happening.” ~ mrs marion j rogers, Amazon UK



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The Seer Trilogy

Seer's Hope Seer's Promise Seer's Choice


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