Secrets Volume 30: Desires Unleashed

Kat On A Hot Tin Roof by Maree Anderson

Kat Meyer sleepwalks – buck naked sleepwalking, just to make it even more humiliating – and she goes to great lengths to lock herself in her house at night so she doesn’t inadvertently entertain the neighbors. She’s been there, done that, and she’s never quite gotten over it! Adding to the stress, her lazy cat, Cupcake, seems bound and determined to be a cat-burglar extraordinaire. But instead of just leaving “gifts” like house keys and trinkets on her pillow, Kat’s pet has now gravitated to stealing rings. Specifically, Jace Burton’s ring. And Jace just happens to be the big-shot architect she’s vying with the  other designers to work with.

When Jace wakes in the middle of the night to find a naked and highly distraught Kat in his living room, he’s inclined to believe her bizarre tale of sleepwalking and cat-burglars-of-the-feline-persuasion. And did he mention she was gorgeous? And naked? As an added bonus, he’s beyond grateful to learn that Kat’s found his grandfather’s missing ring.

Jace is appalled to think of what harm might have befallen Kat while she prowled the streets naked at night. She’s gotten right under his skin and all his protective instincts kick in with a vengeance. It’s sure no hardship to escort her safely home – nor to offer to help her find out how’n the heck she  getting out of her deadlocked house at night. But Kat’s the unwitting victim of a zodiac curse, and when the unbelievable truth smacks him right between the eyes, Jace doesn’t know what the hell to think! Should he hide what he’s seen from the woman he’s fallen head over heels in love with? Or should he tell her the truth and risk losing her forever?


SECRETS VOLUME 30 “Desires Unleashed”:

COX CLUB by Alice Gaines

At the urging of her best friend, Andi Crawford visits an exclusive club in order to find some sexual satisfaction after her divorce. The last person she expects to find at a place like Club Cox is her overbearing ex-husband, Blake. But, he’s there and as tempting as ever. Can she maintain her independence, or will she surrender to the intense physical pleasure only he can give her?

KAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF by Maree Anderson

Workaholic architect, Jace Burton, inadvertently flashes Kat Meyer, who later turns up at a crucial meeting… and seduces him in the bathroom. She’s one of the designers vying to impress him. And boy, is he impressed when he discovers her prowling his house — naked. Kat has no clue what’s causing her nocturnal wanderings. And when Jace discovers she’s the victim of a zodiac curse, will he fight to keep her, or run for the hills?


As an Alph-Elite warrior, Kellen is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is the sexy data thief, Mia. Problem is she won’t admit she wants him or that someone is trying to kill her. It takes all of Kellen’s mutant strength and Mia’s streetwise smarts to keep her alive long enough to unravel a vicious plot for revenge.


Brodie, Chieftain of Clan McCain, is a dark, sensual Scottish scoundrel, who likes nothing more than being a selkie shape-shifter, even if he has been cursed by a witch of the dark arts. Stunning, modern day supermodel, Erin Schultz, blazes into his 1621 world like a falling star. Though he’s certain she will shatter life as he knows it by breaking his curse, he can’t resist her tantalizing seduction.

Genre: Erotic Romance
Format: Trade Paperback, eBook
Length: Anthology, 4 novellas
MSRP/List Price $12.99 US
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Available: 31 July 2011

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“The stories in this easy read are hot enough to light the pages on fire and each couple is entertaining. Readers expecting a single theme to run through all four tales may be surprised and a little disappointed. Each novella could be a stand-alone and fans of these authors will find even more to enjoy.”

Reviewed by Sabrina Cooper of RT Book Reviews


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