Best Books of August and giveaways galore

I’m so behind schedule right now! *whimpers piteously* And instead of writing, what am I doing? Baking stuff for DD’s hockey-fundraiser tomorrow and packaging it into pretty little cellophane parcels, promoting various blog posts I’ve written or been quoted in, writing various blog posts (including updating my own neglected blog),  trying to wrestle my out-of-control inbox into submission, working on a talk and a workshop, and in between, doing the mom-taxi thing again.

Honestly? I can’t even remember how many times I’ve left the house on varioliminal-600x900us errands for the kids today. But I know that with sports trainings, errand-running and shopping for ingredients for aforementioned bake-sale, it was A Whole Lot of times.

Hence why the list of books I read last month, along with the featured book, is late… that’s next on my list!

So forgive me, but here’s the other stuff I wanted to let y’all know about all in one hit.

First up, LIMINAL:

If you haven’t visited the Book page for Liminal yet then here it is in a nutshell.

Liminal is now available at Smashwords, iBookstores, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Sony eBookstore, Diesel eBooks & All Romance eBooks: all links on the Liminal Books page or landing page.

And some exciting news:

iBookstore Australia/NZ editors have selected Liminal as one of their Best Books of August!

(And that sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor.)

Here’s what iBookstore editors have to say about Liminal:

“Self-published Kiwi author Maree Anderson has already established a loyal following with her Crystal Warriors series. In this novel, she embarks on a new storyline featuring Wren, a sassy 16-year-old who finds she’s starting to disappear from her life–literally! She teams up with mysterious bad boy Kade and learns a thing or two about living between worlds. This is great young-adult fun for fans of paranormal fiction.”

Am I stoked?

You betcha little cotton socks I am!


Next, if you’re interested in reading a tale about what can result from a simple thank-you email, then head over to Magical Musings.

There’s also links to my two free books, and the chance to win a couple of giveaways: Ruby’s Dream or Jade’s Choice, Seer’s Promise or Seer’s Choice.

Plus, I have to give a huge thank-you to my lovely author-friend, Edie Ramer. And that intro she wrote…. Wow. I’m still blushing at being referred to as a “rising star”.



Mos_Heart coverSpeaking of the uber-talented Edie Ramer:

Edie was my guest author earlier this week, and she shared a fantastic little excerpt from Hearts in Motion, the first book in her Rescued Hearts series.

25c from each sale of HEARTS IN MOTION is being donated to a cause close to Edie’s heart: the Washington County Humane Society, so please support this wonderful cause.

Edie’s also giving away an electronic copy of the delightful MO’S HEART, a Miracle Interrupted novel to one lucky commenter.

That’s it for now.




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