Book Lovers’ Buffet–99c treats!

Have we got a Holiday treat for you:

Book Lovers’ Buffet Holiday Extravaganza!


From December 1st 2011 to January 15th 2012

all e-books listed in the Book Lovers’ Buffet

are US$0.99c each.


No matter what the genre, 99c.

What about novel-length stories?

There are no catches: they’re all 99c each.

And my paranormal YA, Freaks of Greenfield High?

You got it: discounted to 99c.

Our Book Lovers’ Buffet is an all-you-can eat, 99c treat!

Go on, load up: you won’t gain a pound ;-)



For your convenience, here are the genres on offer, along with their direct links to the Book Lovers’ Buffet website page:

Plus, there are around 140 books from the following authors:

It doesn’t get much better than that!
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