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I belong to a bunch of writing loops and I remember the first time I came across the term “Black Friday Sale”. All I could think was color me confused.

You see, for Kiwis (New Zealanders) “Black Friday” is synonymous with Friday the 13th, which kind of went hand in hand with bad luck of the black-cat-crossing-your-path and walking-under-a-ladder variety. So here were a bunch of my American author friends going on about Black Friday Sales and all the amazing deals and huge discounts. And here was me, checking my calendar for the date for the day after Thanksgiving and thinking, yeah, it’s a Friday, but it sure ain’t the 13th of the month. What gives?

I finally asked and had a light-bulb Ohhhh! moment. Since only yesterday DH asked me, “Why is tomorrow called Black Friday in America?” I figured I’d pass on the info for those of you who aren’t American.

“Black Friday” is the day after American Thanksgiving Day (which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November). It’s considered to be the first shopping day of the Christmas season, and many large retailers open early and hold promotional sales.

From what I’ve been able to discover *cough* it’s on Wikipedia so it must be true *cough* the term “Black Friday” supposedly originated in Philadelphia in the 1960s, and referred to the chronic traffic congestion that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. But these days it’s far more common for  it to refer to the chance for retailers to turn a profit and get their ledgers in the “black”.

I may live on the wrong side of the world to personally participate in the Black Friday sales (at least until I win Lotto and can fly over there 1st class) but I can still take part in them in a small way. Especially since one of my favorite eBook retailers, All Romance eBooks is having a Black Friday Sale and I’m participating :)  Which means…

Two of my books will be heavily discounted at ARe over Black Friday weekend.


THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR is $3.00 off the usual price:

Now US$0.99c

FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH is $2.00 off the usual price:

Now US$0.99c

Sale runs FRIDAY 23rd NOV to MONDAY 25th NOVEMBER (US time)

Just click on the book covers or hyperlinks to go to each book’s page on ARe.

There’ll be a bunch of Black Friday Sale books available at ARe so if you’re short on reading material, now’s the time to stock up on eBooks. And if you’ve already got more books on your TBR pile than you can cope with, remember ARe also allows you to gift books to your friends :)

Amended to add….

Here’s links to blogs listing a bunch of other Black Friday book deals:





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