Some BIG news….

This will be the shortest post ever, I promise! But in this case, I don’t need to say much to get the point across *VBG*

I am thrilled (like, to bits and beyond!) to announce that my self-published YA, FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH, has been optioned for TV by Cream Drama, Inc.

Please wish us luck for the next stage: obtaining funding for the project.

I’ll keep you posted!



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8 Responses to “Some BIG news….”

  1. Kaz Delaney says:

    This is just wild Maree – we’re all soooo excited for you.

    Yep – fingers, toes & fallopian tubes all crossed. Go get’em kiddo.

  2. Lo says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

    woooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!!!!

    Just about says it all Maree.
    Unreal and good luck with the funding.

    The reason why all writers should marry rich men…..

    I just got this and so many of your newsletters arrive days to weeks late but all my ISP fault. Sorry for replying so late.

    Big Hugs

  3. Maree, I’ve said this elsewhere, but this so fantastic. Good luck and I’m really hoping that we can watch your story on the screen!!!

  4. Dannie Hill says:

    That’s not only BIG news, it’s GREAT news!!!!!! Way to go, Maree. I hope you have great success with this project!

    An extra hug for you today.