New beginnings and cheating…

Hi all,

The reason I haven’t managed to post too much lately is I’ve been rewriting the beginnings of a couple of completed mss. For those of you ‘normal’ people out there, this is something we writers do all the time. Namely review, revise, rewrite, and re-angst over the aforementioned.

And by ‘normal’ I mean people who don’t live 24/7 with characters yammering in your heads waiting to get their own story, and don’t angst over judges’ opinions every time you get a contest scoresheet back ‘cuz, hey, you don’t have to pay good money to enter contests and therefore don’t have to tear your hair out wondering why the heck the same synopsis can get, like, all 9s and 10s in the various sections from one judge who thinks it rocks and hits just the right note, while another gives it 5s and 6s claiming it’s too detailed and too complicated….argh! Let’s not get me started, okay?

So back to the reworked beginnings topic.

I’ve recently had a ms doing the competition rounds where comments were made regarding the prologue being pretty darned good (in fact one judge said it “blew her socks off!”) and the 1st chapters being pretty darn good but…the prologue didn’t ‘match’ the 1st chapter. That is, it ‘jarred’ and hence, yanked the reader right out of the story in a WTF? kinda way.

Usually I get hate its/love its in an even split, so I don’t really feel I can wade in and change everything to suit one judge’s opinion, when the other loves it exactly as it is. Catch 22: alter it for one, then  other ends up hating it. So I just kinda shrug and leave well alone. This time, I actually got similar feedback across the board, so I actually had something I could work with…yeeha! And this is one of the positive aspects of competitions, where if multiple judges are saying the same thing then you can bet it’s time to seriously sit up and take notice of what they’re saying.

So I set about writing a whole new 1st chapter, which (hopefully) allows the prologue to flow into the 1st chapter POV more smoothly. And since this is Freaks Of Greenfield High, a ms that I haven’t yet been able to upload to my website, I thought I’d also take the opportunity to cheat a little. Rather than nagging my hubby to add another ms to my drop-down menu and set up a new page etc when he’s incredibly busy and majorly stressed, I’m going to taking the easy way out and write a new post with the 1st three chapters and synopsis.

So you if you’re interested in my take on a YA paranormal featuring a teenage cyborg, then do a search on FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH and have a read.

And if you’re interested in reading the 1st 3 chapters and synopsis for my fantasy which recently placed 2nd in the FTHRW Golden Gateway competition, then do a search on SCENT OF A MAN.

That said, I’ve also rehashed the beginning of WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES, which recently placed 3rd in Utah RWA Heart of the West competion, and CHALCEDONY’S WULF, the ms which won the Clendon in 2006. These two can be found on my manuscript page as per usual.

Happy reading….



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