Back to basics

Hi y’all,

Some of you might know I do karate. I’m not particularly good at it or anything, but I try my best and when I stuff up, I usually smile and have another go.

In the next month or so, I’ll be going for my 6th kyu green belt grading. And I’m not looking forward to it for the obvious reasons: I’m still carrying an ankle injury and it’s hard enough getting through an hour long class let alone a longer, far more intense grading class. But the main reason is that I’m beginning to believe I’m getting too old for this. Seriously. The old brain is not is not what it was and I find it much much harder to learn stuff and remember it. I can remember the individual moves — most of the time — but the combinations do my head in. And as for learning the kata (a detailed choregraphed pattern of movement designed to show progress in technique and strength) for each grading…. Nightmare.

And at last week’s class, my confidence took a huge nose dive. Big time.

You can read the whole sorry story over at Writers Gone Wild. And as an added bonus, the story does actually have a teensy tiny bit to do with the process of writing — or anything you’d like to achieve in life for that matter. Yes, really! LOL.

That’s all from me. Have to get ready for this week’s class. Looks like I’m the only one in my family going, too. Yikes.

Here’s hoping the practice I did this week and getting back to basics has helped. Wish me luck!



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