The one with the whole banana

After Ceroc classes on Thursday nights, a group of fellow dancers (including myself) who need to unwind before heading home, head for a certain establishment that’s open 24/7 – a rare occurence in our neck of the woods, so there’s very little choice. It’s generally around 10.30-11pm by the time we get there and we’re pretty starving after all that frenetic exercise. We’ve been turning up at this place for so long now that we’re pretty much Thursday night regulars by now and we like to think we have all the little quirky things that happen when you order food down pat.

So far we’ve figured out the following:

1. If you order a glass of the house Pinot Noir, you’ll get red wine but not necessarily a Pinot. In fact, only the very first time it was ordered did it turn out to actually be a Pinot. We’re waiting for the time she gets a Chardonnay – hey, maybe if she orders that, she might actually get a Pinot?

2. If you order hot water to drink (which I do because they don’t have herbal tea and I don’t like drinking tea or coffee really late at night) it’ll come in a variety of vessels. So far I’ve had hot water brought in a teapot, a mug, a soup bowl and, my personal favorite, a glass… hot stuff – ouch!

3. You may be potentially risking your health when you order a side dish of vegetables… truly!

4. If you want ‘black’ coffee, you have to order ‘normal’ coffee i.e. it comes in a plunger and you’re given a cup and a small jug of milk – Duh! Obviously you just don’t bother to use the milk if you want it black.

5. If you order a banana split, it’s a good idea to specify that you want a banana with that, since it once came with everything else (icecream, cream, garnish) but the actual banana was nowhere to be found.

And the purpose of this blog entry is to relate the most hilarious quirk we’ve encountered yet. One of the regular orders amongst the males of our group is a shake. This place has a great range: everything from lime shakes to Oreo shakes (who knew you could get an Oreo shake?). The guys often want a banana smoothie, though, and have got around that particular lack on the menu options by ordering a ‘banana shake with a real banana’, i.e. you pay extra and have a real banana blended into your shake instead of just banana flavoring.

On this particular night, though, the unsuspecting waiter was new to our group and obviously at a loss to decipher the order. What did he bring back? A banana milkshake with a perfectly whole, totally unblended banana sitting in it… which was duly discovered once our intrepid man tried (in vain) to suck a mouthful of his shake up through his straw. The milkshake duly went back for re-blending and while that was being done, it was wondered aloud whether our man might just consider himself grateful that the banana had actually been peeled at all before being stuck in the shake.

Don’t think that’s funny, huh? Well, I guess you just had to be there. Giggles, snorts, red faces, tears of laughter, curious glances from the other patrons… THAT sure was funny, alright.

What’s this got to do with writing? Well, nothing really – unless I decide to take up writing comedies. Actually, that’d be rather a good chapter title, huh? “The One With the Banana…”

Cheers :-)



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