There are awards, and then there are AWARDS!

In the writing world, it doesn’t get much better than receiving a certificate in the mail for placing in a writing contest… or so I thought until this morning when the courier knocked on my door and handed over a rather large parcel that was far too light to be the books and DVDs I’d ordered for the imminent school holidays. And a glance at the postmark (Florida) confirmed it definitely wasn’t the books or DVDs I’d ordered. But then again, neither was it what I’d been expecting from Florida, either.

You see, I entered my YA, Freaks of Greenfield High, in the YA category of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Romance Writers of America’s Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest –-a readers’ choice contest set up to recognize excellence in self-published romantic fiction. And I was chuffed to bits and beyond to be one of the three finalists in this category, and then totally over-the-moon-and-on-cloud-nine to learn Freaks won the YA category! Then when Jamie, the coordinator of the contest, told me she’d be posting me a certificate and a little something extra, I was even more rapt. Not just a certificate? How exciting! I wonder what it could be?

So when I’d figured out who this parcel was from, I was like, “Huh? That sure is a big parcel for a certificate and some cool little knick-knack for winning my category.”

In my household, a courier arriving on our doorstep is always exciting. Usually it’s online shopping items like clothes or books or DVDs, and the kids clamor round to see what mom’s been spending dad’s salary on, all the while hoping it’s something for them. So the whole family gathered round, eager to see what’s in this parcel.

I opened it and found the certificate I’d expected — and a lovely one at that! — along with something I hadn’t expected at all: a really gorgeous personalized award. Rather than try to describe it, I figured a photo is worth a thousand words (words that really should be devoted to my current work-in-process rather than this blog *wry grin*).

So check this out:


And because this photo really doesn’t do it justice, I feel compelled to explain that the award is a shadow box, so those shells etc are all real–how cool is that???

Way. The. Heck. Cool! (And DH and the kids agreed, so I know it’s not just me *g*)

Suffice it to say I’m totally stoked, and I’ll be spending the weekend clearing off some space in my bookshelf to accommodate this fab award.

And I’d like to give another huge shout-out to Jamie, and the Gulf Chapter of RWA, and everyone involved in the running of the Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest. Thank you! Readers’ Choice awards are always special, because it’s pretty darned awesome to be publicly appreciated by the very readers you write for. And this is an award I will treasure always.



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2 Responses to “There are awards, and then there are AWARDS!”

  1. lo says:

    Hi Maree!

    Sorry I’m so late posting but congrats a plenty!!!!!

    How fabulous of you to win this award. I’m playing a lot of catch up. RL has not been a nice person for a few months so here I am to see what I need to buy or pat you on the back for.

    I’m so stoked to see you have won yet another award. You go girl!!!!!

    Woo Hoo!!