How To Make An Author’s Day

Hi y’all,

Wasn’t going to cross-link my last Thursday’s Writers Gone Wild post because I was merely trying to explain how weird we authors are, and why. I was sort of rambling — as you do when you have No Freaking Idea what to post about before you start. I didn’t think it’d be of much interest to people.

Evidently I was wrong.

How To Make An Author’s Day sparked quite a bit of a response–really resonated with a few people. In fact, another writer — David Rhodes — spotted the post’s feed on Liane’s Facebook page, friended me, and asked if he could post my ‘essay’ on his new website. Gosh, I never figured the post I’d written was interesting enough to be termed an essay. How chuffed am I???

Anyway, David was kind enough to set up a section for me in his “Tomb”, where he highlights ‘writers from all walks of life’. And you gotta check this out — the graphics on his website are amazing! I’m in The Tomb…. mwah hah hah! Two guesses what genre David writes ;-)

So if you want to know How To Make An Author’s Day, check out Writers Gone Wild.

And if you want to check out some really cool stuff — including my tomb! — then visit David Rhodes’s website.



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