August reads and conference fatigue

It’s that time again. The conference high is over, and reality (in the form of housework, kids’ lunches, weekend sport and cooking dinners) smacks you in the face like a wet fish. Oh well, it was great while it lasted! And I’ll be treasuring the memories for years to come, too, because this year I got to attend a published author workshop with Cindy Hwang, even though I’m only contracted and not yet published, and that in novella-length fiction into the bargain. What a treat! Talk about awed to be in such illustrious company. Aside from the wonderfully forthcoming Cindy, there was Nalini Singh, Sara Hantz, Amanda Ashby, Karina Bliss, Tessa Radley, Yvonne Lindsay, Helen Kirkman, Sophia James, Anne Gracie, Fiona Brand…the list went on! And (those who know me well might be amazed to hear this) but I just shut my mouth and listened for all I was worth.

And it was nice to know, even though I’m in my 40s, I could still acquit myself quite well in the “Releasing Your Inner Teen” workshop run by Sara and Amanda. Must be all those YA books I buy ‘for my daughter’…yeah, riiiiiight – ‘Twilight’ here I come! Not to mention all that TV – Gossip Girl’s just come to our shores, then there’s Aliens In America, Dr Who, Stargate Atlantis, Jake 2.0 and reruns of Charmed, Smallville, and of course, the Disney Channel with interminable reruns of High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverley Place, H2O Just Add Water and That’s So Raven. Anyway, a heckuva fun time at that workshop and Pinky bars for correct answers…what’s not to like?

Then there was Fiona Brand’s “Cutting Your Work For Pace” which was just brilliant and very thought-provoking. Learned heaps! Will definitely be looking over those notes again.

And the thrill of sitting next to a pubbed author and pulling out one of her books and asking her to sign it for me. Apologies, Karina! And BTW, ‘Mr. Irresistible’ was a fabulous read :-)

But now I’ve caught up on sleep and washing and housework and such, it’s back to work. There’s submissions and queries to get out there. And since I entered 3 mss in the Clendon this year, there’s about 30 scoresheets to go through. And once that’s done there’s taking all the readers’ comments on board, thinking about what I’ve learned from conference speakers and workshops and perhaps applying it to a ms. In other words, the prospect of a possible rewrite rather than tackling something completely new…hard when I’ve got a really great idea for a new ms trying to beat its way out of my poor little overworked brain. Ah, the writer’s life…sometimes it sure does suck!

Now where the heck did I hide that Pinky bar I was saving? Oh. That’s right, I ate it already. Rats.

On the plus side, there’s all the lovely freebie books and the ones I bought from Barbara’s Bookshop stand yet to read.

And talking about fabulous reads, here’s my reading list for August:

-The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon
-The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell by Samantha James
-White Tiger by Kylie Chan
-A Fistful of Sky by Nini Kiriki Hoffman
-Charmed and Dangerous by Candace Havens
-Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich
-Kitty and the Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughn
-Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
-Fur by Meg Harper
-Vampire Knight I by Matsuri Hino
-Vampire Knight II by Matsuri Hino
-Vampire Knight III by Matsuri Hino
-The Mediterranean Prince’s Captive Virgin by Robyn Donald
-Shall We Dance? by Kasey Michaels
-The Kyriakos Virgin Bride by Tessa Radley
-Vampaholic by Harper Allen
-Mr Irresistible by Karina Bliss
-A Serpent In Turquoise by Peggy Nicholson
-Mad Dog Love by Angela Knight**
-A Jaguar’s Kiss by Lora Leigh**
-Shifter’s Lady by Alyssa Day**
-Sea crossing by Virginia Kantra**

**From Berkley Sensation’s Shifter anthology



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