Armageddon Auckland 2013

Hi all,

Phew! We survived another year of frantic scrambling to get DD’s costume ready for the Armageddon Expo. And the great thing is, because of the timing (i.e. just prior to Halloween), DD has a ready-made costume to scare intrepid Trick-or-Treaters lured by our Halloween window… mwah hah hah! Well, provided she can figure out how to get those yellow colored contact lenses in, that is. It’s not easy when you’ve never worn contacts before, and poking a finger near your eyeball freaks you out :(

But back to Armageddon Auckland 2013. All I can say is that every year it gets bigger and better… and more crowded! We opted to go on the Sunday, hoping that the crowds would have thinned out a bit once people had gotten their fill on Saturday. This turned out to be a reeeeally good call, because by all reports Saturday was a “crush” worthy of a Regency ballroom, and people could barely move. Even so, Sunday was so crowded at times it was impossible to take photos! Consequently I missed out on photos of a few excellent costumes; like the toddler dressed as Buzz Lightyear riding on his dad’s shoulder — proof that you’re never too young to cosplay :)

But never fear, I did get off a dozen or so halfway decent shots. And, as promised, there are a couple of DD as a Little Sister from BioShock, complete with ADAM gun and creepy dolly.

(Note that permission to post these photos here has been granted by each photo’s subject.)


And who knows, maybe next year I’ll get my act together and go Steampunk :)

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