Going all out at Armageddon

The best thing about going to the Armageddon Expo? Checking out the costumes!

I’m awed by the attention to detail and the intricacy of some of these costumes. Not to mention envious. Rumor has it DH and I might be inspired to jump in feet first and go steampunk next year :) But in the meantime, it’ll be huge fun getting DD ready for Halloween with the prosthetic cat ears and muzzle she bought from Body FX *g*

Here’s my photos from last year and also this year’s expo. (Click on each photo in the gallery to see full-sized image.)

Which ones are your favorites?

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2 Responses to “Going all out at Armageddon”

  1. The costumes all look fantastic. I hope you do go steampunk next year! and share photos :)

    • Me, too, Jenny. I reckon it would be huge fun to go steampunk. I’ve already bought a prosthetic steampunk “wound” where you can see cogs in the slash *g*