An Affair To Remember

I’ve just been reminded that it’s about time I posted some photos from the recent annual RWNZ conference.

This year, our conference theme was An Affair To Remember, and it certainly was a memorable conference! We had a fabulous lineup of speakers and workshop presenters, including Laura Bradford (Bradford Literary Agency), Dianne Moggy (VP of Overseas Editorial Strategy & Development for Harlequin Enterprises), Alex Logan (Grand Central Publishing), Christopher Vogler, Stephanie Laurens, Jane Porter, Nalini Singh, Natalie Anderson, Vanessa Johnson, Nick McLeay, Nic Harrison… and the list went on!

We were totally spoiled for speakers. So much so, I had a hard time choosing which workshops to attend — still have buyer’s remorse, so to speak, LOL.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera *headdesk*, so was forced to rely on my iPhone… which has no zoom, and no flash. Hence, the cocktail party photos were a complete write-off. But some of the Awards Dinner ones did turn out — yay!

Anyway, here are the photos. Click on the thumbnails to view. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “An Affair To Remember”

  1. Lo says:

    Now as nice as they are just where are you Maree? Huh?


    • Maree says:

      Lo, I’m hiding behind the iPhone camera, of course ;-)Far better to be behind the camera than the subject of it, I reckon.