More 30 second summaries…with bunnies!

Hi y’all,

Nothing particularly interesting to report. Still perfecting pitches and synopses, and wondering what the heck to pack for our upcoming Romance Writers of New Zealand conference.

But since I’m still angsting over high concepts and summaries that might hopefully wow agents and editors, I thought it might be fun to fall back on some of my all-time favorite summaries.

Yes, it’s the return of the Starz Bunnies, courtesy of Angry Alien Productions!

And for this week’s Writers Gone Wild post, I’ve selected a range of 30-second summaries for your viewing delectation. Just pop on over and click on the links.

BTW as a special treat for my website visitors, if you check out the website, you’ll find the Bunnies version of Twilight: New Moon up on their New Releases area. I never got to see the movie…won’t need to after seeing this awesome rendition! LOL



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