2014 Read an eBook Week sale

Smashwords Read an eBook WeekHowdy, Pardners!

Yes, it’s that time again, folks: that time of year where I encourage all you paper book lovers to give  eBooks a go by heavily discounting all my eBooks on Smashwords for a whole week  :)

Which means….

My two FREE books are still free (of course!)

The Crystal Warrior (Book 1 of The Crystal Warriors Series)

Seer’s Hope (Book 1 of The Seer Trilogy) 

And, additionally….

All my other indie-pubbed books are heavily discounted until March 8th 2014. Here’s the deets:

Use coupon code REW50 at checkout to get 50% off the following books from March 2nd until March 8th:

Ruby’s Dream (Crystal Warriors 2)

Jade’s Choice (Crystal Warriors 3)

Seer’s Promise (Seer Trilogy 2)

Seer’s Choice (Seer Trilogy 3)

Liminal (Liminals 1)

Freaks of Greenfield High (Freaks 1)

Freaks in the City (Freaks 2)

Lightning Rider

Use coupon code REW25 at checkout to get 25% off the following books from March 2nd until March 8th:

The Crystal Warriors Series Bundle (Books 1, 2 and 3 of The Crystal Warriors Series)

The Seer Trilogy Bundle (Books 1-3 of The Seer Trilogy)

Available eBook formats include mobi (Kindles and Kindle apps), epub (iThings, Nooks, Kobo Readers etc.) and PDF.

Happy reading!







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