2010 Clendon Award

As 2010 Clendon Award Coordinator, I thought I’d take the opportunity to publicly congratulate this year’s finalists, as well as those who were highly commended and commended, and everyone who entered the contest. You all deserve a huge pat on the back for finishing the damn book!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Clendon Award is unique. Our entrants submit full, completed manuscripts, which are then read by patrons of Barbara’s Bookstore — people who love reading romance and have a passion for all it’s many genres.

There are also no categories in The Clendon Award. Readers choose which manuscripts they wish to read based on category listed on the entry form, but in the end, all categories are equal: It’s the top-scoring manuscripts which go through to the final round, which often makes for a hugely varied mix of genres!

The other thing that makes the Clendon Award stand out is the three-page scoresheet — the most detailed and cleverly devised scoresheet I’ve seen in a romance writing contest. (And believe me, as a contest-slut from way back, I’ve seen a few in my time!) Even when a reader judge gives no comment, the way the scoresheet sections are devised means that the entrant gets very detailed feedback on just about all aspects of the manuscript.

The final wonderful thing about The Clendon Award is the hard work and incredible dedication of the two people who make it possible: Barbara and Peter Clendon.

Barbara had this to say about the entries:

“RWNZ members are incredibly good writers, and it is a privilege to read your work. Many of our readers really, really want to be able to buy the Clendon Award stories they’ve read, and have great reluctance sending them back for other readers.”

She also said:

“All of the Highly Commended manuscripts in the 2010 Clendon Award, could have been sent to New York. If your manuscript was Commended or Highly Commended, you can be HUGELY proud of yourselves, as the standard is exceptional.”

How’s that for feel-good feedback? It really doesn’t come much better than that.

Well done, everyone!

2010 Clendon Award Finalists:

Soraya Nicholas, Special Edition
Wendy Vella, Historical
Michelle de Rooy, Fantasy
Sharon Kelly, Historical
Allison Withers, Historical
Shirley Wine, Special Edition
Bernice Greenham, Harlequin Presents

2010 Clendon Award Highly Commended:

Michelle de Rooy, Romantic Suspense
Soraya Nicholas, Young Adult
Lisa Rose & Caroline Jameson, Paranormal
Joanne Graves, Special Edition
Kerri Lane, Harlequin Intrigue
Kendra Delugar, Harlequin Superromance
Jenny Yates, Silhouette Desire
Jennifer St. George, Mills & Boon Sexy Sensation

2010 Clendon Award Commended:
Shirley Wine, Special Edition
Alister Livsey, Historical
Lisa Rose & Caroline Jameson, Paranormal
Rae Roadley, Romance
Gwen Reekie, Historical
Pamela Gervai, Paranormal

One final thing: admin for the contest is still ongoing. Consequently, as in previous years, entrant scoresheets will be made available during the RWNZ conference from 20-22nd August. For those entrants not attending this year’s conference, I’ll have your scoresheets returned to me at close of conference, and I’ll post them off as early as humanly possible the following week.



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